Dynomometers Dynomometers
Our dyno's are capable of testing engines up to 12000rpm, 650hp and 850lbs ft.of torque. Run from a console at various fixed speeds, while about 20 different engine parameters are recorded, including torque, exhaust temperature, coolant temperature, oil pressure, manifold pressure, etc.
Cad Cam Cad Cam

The design office has a CAD terminal, an important part of IES's component development process. It provides a proven and reliable capability to generate drawings for machined components that are an accurate facsimile of the original CAD model. It allows us to be designing and cutting parts in hours by not having to employ outside contractors do the work. The resulting part will perform perfectly on our dyno testing engines.

Ancillery Services Ancillery Services
IES are princible suppliers of race engine technology and will undertake development and engine rebuilds for most classes. We are very experienced in the installation of Bosch, Pectel, Motec, EFI and Weber-Marelli engine management systems. There is a close working relationship with our employees who are highly skilled and dedicated people with years of experience in the design and manufacture of race engines.